Message from National Convention to the Universal House of Justice

Message from National Convention to the Universal House of Justice

01 Jamál 176 B.E. / 27 April 2019

Whiria te tini rerekē

Kia tau ai te mauri tū, te mauri ora

Haumi e hui e, taiki e

 (Weave together the diverse peoples,

infused with the life-giving Word,

to become united, connected and blessed)

Tēnā koutou e Te Whare Mana Tika ō te Ao,

To our beloved Universal House of Justice,

Gathered in an atmosphere of unity and accord, and blessed by the presence of our cherished Counsellor Ms Tessa Scrine we, the delegates at our 63rd National Convention, feel a profound sense of gratitude for the love and encouragement conveyed in the Ridván Message of 2019. Our hearts were elated with joy by the announcement of plans for the erection of the Shrine of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá. Our connection to the Holy Land is further heightened by the arrival there of a cohort of souls who, with hearts aflame, were inspired to journey from their area of intensive activity to visit the Source of their enkindlement.

In our consultation, focused on the needs of the Plan in our country as presented to us by our esteemed National Spiritual Assembly and Regional Bahá’í Councils, we see the mighty effort that is required of us and, though mindful of the challenges we face, we are assured by the confirmations we see in the achievements of the last year when the number of our devotional meetings doubled.

The effect on our community of this continuous release of spiritual forces can be discerned in the unrelenting efforts of the friends to translate Bahá’u’lláh’s vision into reality. In particular, ever- increasing numbers of dedicated youth serving at the forefront of advancing community building activities, are demonstrating the transforming influence of the Word of God. Through persistent and focused efforts to engage whole families and draw on their diverse abilities and experience to provide the necessary support for maintaining children’s classes and junior youth groups we are learning to recognise and utilise opportunities for a wider outreach and thus maintain a steady flow of participants through the institute process. Friends in clusters at an earlier stage on the continuum of growth are benefiting from this learning and are being revitalised by teaching initiatives supported by teams from areas of advanced activity.

Standing in contrast to this bright and confident outlook, our nation is emerging from a state of shock brought on by the recent tragic event in Christchurch. Yet within the current climate of distress and uncertainty, the friends are discovering rich opportunities for conversations that bring light and hope into hearts darkened by sadness, confusion and fear. In this atmosphere of crisis, we discern signs of a growing thirst for unity, spiritual solace and peace, spurring us on to redouble our efforts to increase, in the next two cycles before the Bicentenary, the number of souls attracted to the Source of hope and bounty.

Aware of the significance of the time in which we live, drawing on the potency of The Word of God and emboldened by the spiritual destiny of our Pacific region, we look ahead with joy and confidence to fulfilling the goals of the Plan and making a worthy contribution to the closing of the first century of the Formative Age. 

 Ka rere tōnu ngā mihi aroha kia koutou nā te Huinga Nui Bahá'í ō Aotearoa

 With loving Bahá’í greetings,

Aotearoa New Zealand National Bahá'í Convention 176 B.E.

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Annual Report 175 B.E. available

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