How to

Obtain Bahá’í credentials for travel
Friends who are going on pilgrimage or who wish to participate in Bahá’í Feasts, etc, when visiting other countries, may obtain international Bahá’í credentials from the National Office. These are issued as valid for one year. Please let the National Office know the country you are visiting as special advice is available for some countries. 

Update your contact information
If you are moving from one locality to another, please inform your Local Assembly, so that a transfer notice can be sent to your new community and to ensure you stay on mailing lists for local and national newsletters, voting lists, etc. Your Local Assembly will also pass your new address onto the National Office. If there is no Local Assembly in your locality, please inform the National Office directly.

Apply for pilgrimage

Apply for service
To apply for service in New Zealand, please contact the Bahá'í National Office. To apply for service at the Bahá'í World Centre visit

Pioneer within New Zealand
Contact the North or South Island Regional Bahá'í Councils for more information and assistance.