Bahá’í Literature in Chinese

Bahá’í Literature in Chinese


This website presents most of the Bahá’í publications in the Chinese language that are being distributed on a complimentary basis in electronic format.  You will be happy to know that most of the material that has been published in hard copies or soft copies by New Millennium Publications International (NMP), including a decent selection of music and songs, and a few titles that were published by Chinese official publishing houses are available for free download via this site.  We understand that NMP is planning to make these publications available in other electronic formats for the convenience of users in the future. At this time, this site is only available in Chinese.


This platform allows easy search for passages of the Writings or guidance in Chinese. On this site, the friends can help themselves with the Writings and guidance in both English and Chinese, the corresponding paragraphs of the publications in both the languages are placed side by side for the convenience of users. Kindly note that a list of “Standardized Terminologies” commonly used in Chinese are also available on this site.

3) A Bahá’í App in Chinese

This App carries all the Writings, prayers, and guidance that are currently published in Chinese and like “” above, it also provides a good selection of songs, which are suitable for different occasions such as devotional meetings and children classes.  The Writings and guidance are paired together in English and Chinese, just like “” in order to make it easier for users to carry out searches for specific passages in Bahá’í literature.

I) Those who are using the “IOS” system are able to search in the “App Store” for an App called “巴哈伊文库” for free download and installation.

II) Those who are using the “Android system” are able to download the App from this site and install it in their electronic devices.


This is the website of New Millennium Publications International (NMP), and it presents all the publications that are in circulation in hard copy at the present time.  The information on the site is available in both Chinese and English. Friends who wish to place their orders for any of the publications featured on this site may do so directly through this platform.


This is the website of The Institute for Global Civilization, and is a useful resource for those who are engaged in research or academic exchange.  There is a rich selection of publications on the Faith from mainland Chinese official publishing houses featured on this site.

The official website of the worldwide Bahá’í community can also be accessed in Chinese.

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Selections from the Writings of The Báb

Selections from the Writings of The Báb